Kid consumers

Ever wonder why companies spend so much money on advertising? If so, just listen to your kids. They need this, they need that, they need everything they see. And they see it in ads.
What’s a parent to do?
Advertising is here to stay, so we need to teach our children to be wise consumers.
Sit down with them and talk about the ads they watch. Compare product ads and their claims. Do your children really think all products can offer everything that they claim? Do they choose their friends according to the runners they wear?
Maybe they do, because fitting in is very important particularly as your children reach their pre-teen years. And fitting in includes the right clothes and the right stuff.
There’s certainly no problem allowing them some of the things they need to fit it, but don’t become a slave to their fashion desires. The trick is to plan ahead. Let them know before going shopping what it is you are prepared to buy, what choices they can make, and the amount of money you’ve budgeted to spend.
If they want more, there are other options. They can save money to make up the difference between what you think is reasonable and what they want. They can ask for those designer runners for birthday or Christmas.
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