Weird friend

One afternoon Sherry shows up with her new friend Chandra.

Chandra is new to the school and from the first day they met, all Sherry has talked about it her new friend and how cool she is.

And here she is. She has a nose ring and one on her tongue. Peeking out from the scooped neckline of her t-shirt is a rose delicately tattooed on her breast. Her belly button is also pierced and her shorts are so short and tight you wonder if she can actually sit down in them.

Fortunately your mother raised you to be polite to guests. But all you can think is, peer pressure. Is this what Sherry wants to look like? Where have you gone wrong? Relax. This girl who is so different entrances Sherry. It doesn’t mean that she wants to look like her.

Once you settle down and chat you may discover that the two girls are more alike than different. Chandra talks about planning to go to University and eventually get a law degree. You discover that she does very well in school and plays the flute in the school band. But her family moves around a lot. Chandra needs to make an impact quickly in order to make friends when she changes schools. Her look certainly accomplishes that.

So, by staying cool you discover that Sherry has made a great friend who simply looks a bit weird.

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