Memories Matter

Recently I was talking to some friends about a beautiful old hutch that sits in my dining room. It’s not only a lovely piece of furniture; it has history. It sat in my Grandparents house and now I get to be the keeper. Interestingly, my friends all started talking about the keepsakes they have in their homes. Keeping history alive matters.

We can keep history alive with things. Grandma’s hutch is a constant reminder of my connection to her. Photos on the wall, in albums, on the electronic picture frame or on flicker all represent some past memories. And stories connect us with our past.

Kids love stories. Adults love stories. Stories can teach lessons, offer fantasy, challenge and adventure or they can make us cry.

But stories also connect us to our families.

Every time I see a photo of my youngest sister with a dog, I think back to her first puppy and can track her love of animals. I have pictures of this lovely preschooler with the tiny dachshund in her arms and move forward to her pet of today. It is part of her history. And my memories and photos connect me to her and our family.

We all have stories and our children want to hear them. Relax and start talking. It will give your children a sense of a world of connections. Tell them about your childhood and about your parents. Encourage their grandparents and great grand parents to talk to them.

Family stories are not just tales and family things are not just old. They connect us. Connection gives us security and stability. It’s easy to give to our children and they will benefit.

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