We Have Nelson Mandela

“We have Nelson Mandela. All of us have visited his jail call and Robben Island (where he was imprisoned for 27 years for his antiapartheid political activities.) His example of forgiving his oppressors and his creation of the Truth and Reconciliation are what keep South Africa from becoming a bloodbath.”

These words were spoken by a black South African student.

In my last newsletter I spoke about the importance of being a role model. Just after I posted that I read a wonderful article by Eric Utne in the magazine UTNE and it struck a cord with me. Utne attended an international youth conference and in a discussion on living in a war zone, one student made this statement.  This truly demonstrates the power one person can make on a generation of young people.

I invite you to take a look at this article. Consider whether you are ready to be not only a role model for your children in a day-to-day setting but to speak out when you see injustice, unfairness or prejudice.

Utne ends his article by saying; “Who, what and where is your inner Nelson Mandela? God knows, we all need to find him now.”


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