Girls Should Not Even Know the Word Lingerie!

I remember being a little girl and playing dress up. We had a trunk in the basement with my Mother’s cast offs and my girlfriends and I would try on her dresses, blouses and shoes. We’d clump around with the clothing puddling around our ankles and the shoes banging about as we struggles to sort of keep these big shoes on our feet,

It was make-believe and game and an understanding that in ten or fifteen years we might actually wear some of this but for now we were kids. And that was correct.

On the radio (CKNW actually) yesterday and in today’s Globe I saw a story about little girls in their own fitted lingerie. The pictures in the Globe were disgusting. This wasn’t designed as make-believe but real.

My hope is that parents all around the world will look at this and be repelled. That they will avoid this clothing and put out the message that little girls do not wear lingerie, they wear cotton panties and ‘tweens do not wear push up bras, they wear training bras when they are ready.

My fear is that parents may find this cute, fun and appropriate. I think it could be bordering on abuse.

What message is this awful trend giving to the world? Let our little girls be children. There is time enough for sexy undergarments!


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