Kathy’s Brilliant Christmas Gift Ideas


Are you looking over your Christmas shopping list and wondering if you could find something special and different for the people on your list?

Well, I have a few recommendations for you. My booksWho’s in Charge Anyway? and But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home are available in either print or digital formats. They are perfect gifts for parents or grandparents.

Shopping for ‘tweens and teens can be a real challenge. But don’t pull out your hair; there are some fabulous books for this age group. For all the kids who loved Harry Potter, there is the Bonemender series as well as the Warrior’s Daughter and Shapeshifter. Not only are these wonderful stories, the author is Canadian.

We all dream about the time we will have during the holidays to chat with the kids. Then when it comes time to converse we are stymied. Here is the answer. It’s an old-fashioned board game called Yakity Yak (http://tinyurl.com/c4zd3c2) that will have the kids dying to have their chance to talk. It is fun, it is appropriate for kids of all ages and it’s easy to purchase and it’s on sale. Go for it!

If you have super ideas that are unusual and wonderful add a comment below.


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