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Busy parents want parenting books in electronic format

Two books which help parents do a better job of raising their kids are now available in electronic format  as well as in print.

“Both books are in demand by young parents,” said Kathy Lynn, “but I’ve had many requests that they be available in electronic format so busy parents can keep them on their computers, tablets or smartphones,” she said.  “We’ve responded to this demand for a new format.”

The books, by best-selling BC author and parenting expert Kathy Lynn, are available in either format from her web site.

Who’s in Charge Anyway?, with a forword by highly-regarded US parenting speaker Barbara Coloroso, is in its second printing. It discusses the role of parents to be leaders, to set the standards of their childrens’ behaviour, and to take charge of the parenting role.

Kathy’s second book, But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home, tackles the important role parents play in helping their children to become capable and independent adults.

“We’ve rushed the process of converting these books to electronic for the Christmas season,” says Kathy.  “I find that a lot of my books end up as Christmas gifts for new parents, and even as gifts to grandparents so they can learn why their children are parenting the way they do. Having them as E-books will make them particularly easy to send as gifts for someone who is out of town.”


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