Being Grandma

On July 26, I morphed from becoming a Grandma to being one. Six weeks ago I posted my third blog about becoming Grandma and since then I have been busy enjoying the experience.

The day I became a Grandma is one that I will never forget. We got the word from our son-in-law when he phoned and said, “Hi Grandma.”

Chelsea had delivered twins, and so Ian Elliott and Paige Anne entered our lives. Ian was born at 12:14 pm, at 6 lb – 1.5 oz and Paige followed at 12:15 pm, at 6 lb – 1 oz.

We met the children at the hospital. I walked into the room and was still Mom. My eyes went directly to my daughter. Was she okay? She was glowing. Then I walked over to the bassinette that contained two swaddled bundles. I looked down in awe and my daughter said, “It’s okay Mom, you can pick her up.” And I did and that is the moment I truly became Grandma.

Sixteen days later Markus Thomas, 7lbs 9oz, entered our lives to complete what we were calling the Grandparent hat trick.

These three wonderful gifts are so young and yet I cannot imagine a world without them. They complete our family. They are each so very different and unique. It is a joy to get to know each of them and know that I will spend the rest of my life watching them grow and change.

And they have the most spectacular parents. All four of the parents have taken to their new roles with dignity, intelligence and grace. It is such a pleasure knowing that my grandchildren will be raised in such loving and caring homes.


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6 Responses to Being Grandma

  1. Lorraine Barner says:

    Beautiful Kathy !! Looking forward to furure postings !!

  2. Julie H. Ferguson says:

    Oh, yeah!!! I’m sure you can teach me a thing or three!!

  3. Judy Arnall says:

    You are so lucky! Enjoy. I really can’t wait!
    Have to settle with a dog for now.

  4. Bea Skeens says:

    Being a Mimi is the best! Now that I am retired, my days are filled with plans to spend time with the grandkids. When I leave them I feel that it is the most important thing I have done all day! I wrote a poems about each of my 4 grandkids:
    Here is one of them:
    To BABY Andrew
    October 2004
    Bea Skeens (Mimi)

    Playing with my grandson is where I want to be
    As I look into his eyes that say, “I love you Mimi.”
    Talking incessantly in a language just for me
    I listen and I smile and pretend that I agree
    Together we search and learn and explore
    The meaning eternal of our wonderful world

  5. Peggy Snell says:

    The ultimate feeling of love, happiness and relief that comes with the knowledge that your life is forever changed. Enjoy every moment you can with these precious children. What lucky babies to have you and John as their grandparents.

  6. barbara pedersen says:

    What joy Kathy! I am so excited I am speechless! You have surely made our day!

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