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Keeping Kids Safe on the Streets

The other day Dave McGinn wrote an article for the Globe and Mail  on the Block Parent program and how it is dying.  Take a look and then here is a letter to the editor that didn’t make the cut. I … Continue reading

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Parent Involvement in the school improves kid’s performance

Hello, Your kids are settled in school and while you are busy you have a rhythm that is working for you. But, sitting on the kitchen counter is a flyer that is calling you. It’s an invitation to the parent … Continue reading

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Hitting is never okay, but I saw it backwards

On the advice of one of my readers, I needed to re-visit the Encorp TV ad. I saw it backwards. The woman slapped at the man, not vice versa. It was still an automatic reaction, it was still hitting but not … Continue reading

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Tips on Communicating With Children

 Hello, I was recently involved in a difficult conversation with a colleague which didn’t go well. And, I think one of primary reasons was that we were using email. There was no change to soften a comment with a voice … Continue reading

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