Keeping Kids Safe on the Streets

The other day Dave McGinn wrote an article for the Globe and Mail  on the Block Parent program and how it is dying.  Take a look and then here is a letter to the editor that didn’t make the cut.

I was very concerned when I read in the article Sign of the Times: How the 21st century put Block parent into decline that not only does the organization Street Smart Kid see Block Parents as a last resort for kids in trouble, he says that the first thing a kid should do is use their phone.

I can certainly understand why the Block Parent program is struggling, what with more dual income families and the increasing paranoia about safety.

But, imagining a phone as a way to help kids is beyond me. They may be being stalked by a slow moving van, chased by a gang of bullies or threatened by a big dog. How is a phone going to help?

If a child has fallen and hurt herself a phone is no help.

What we really need is neighbourhoods with people who know our kids and are there to help when needed. This may include the local retail outlets.

Our kids need to live in a caring community with people who will respond, who will soothe and who will protect them.

There are some neighbourhoods that meet that description, it simply takes all of us getting out of our houses, meeting each other, having block party events and soon our kids are safe not just at home, but in their community.

Kathy Lynn

What do you think?

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  1. Molly K says:

    Unless parents know their neighbors very ssssszwell, children could wind up in the home of a predator. Over 90% of molestations are perpetrated by someone the child knows. We must help children develop their and trust their intuition to tell them if they are in danger.

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