Free Workshop May 13. 2014

Child Discipline…Steps to Success

Date: Tuesday May 13, 2014                 Time: 730 to 9 pm

Address: St. Philips Church (in the Gymnasium)

3737 W27th Ave, Dunbar, Vancouver

RSVP: No cost but please RSVP to

 What can you do when your toddler throws a major tantrum while

you’re at the grocery store?

Does it drive you crazy when your preschooler just won’t sit at the

dinner table?

Would you like to learn how to take the chaos out of mornings and

have everybody dressed and ready in plenty of time to leave for work

and school?

In order to handle all the challenging behaviors our children throw our

way we need to understand the process of child discipline.

In order for our children to learn how to behave appropriately we need

to teach them. Child discipline helps children learn the rules,

experience the consequences of their behaviors (negative and positive)

and develop an understanding of the decision-making process.

Effective discipline acknowledges the temperaments and priorities of

both children and parents.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

the differences between discipline and punishment

• why punishment does not work and discipline does

• how to develop a three-point discipline strategy that will work for

you and your children.

• how to remain calm while your child is misbehaving.

This presentation offers a pain-free, flexible system that moves

children to self-discipline. It is appropriate for parents of children from

infancy to puberty.

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