Sneak it In

It’s not just our kids who need to be active.  In order to be healthy and be good role models we also need to keep moving. To get you started here are some ideas for staying active at work.

Sneak It In

Howard Jones works on the 12th floor in a high-rise building downtown. He needs to bring his car to work in order to be available to visit clients.

When he arrives at work he parks in the farthest corner of the parking lot and walks at a brisk pace to the building. He takes the elevator to the tenth floor and walks up the rest of the way.

Despite needing to bring his car to work he manages to get regular exercise going to and from his car and walking the stairs.

During Sneak It In Week (April 7 – 11), ParticipACTION encourages workers who spend their day seated at their desk to find ways to sneak in a bit of exercise throughout the day.

With a little thought and ingenuity you can sneak in exercise as your go about your regular work.

You can start by following the example of Howard Jones and walking from the car and then using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Move your trashcan across the room so you have to get up and walk to it.

When you are about to send an email or text to a colleague down the hall opt to walk to her office and deliver your message in person.

Do not eat lunch at your desk. Move to the coffee room or a local café and make time for a brisk walk at Noon.

Head to the local swimming pool and do some quick laps. You can fit this in before work, at lunchtime or on the way home.

Decide you will have a short exercise break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Touch your toes, do some jumping jacks or run on the spot. Even 10-minute bouts of physical activity are an effective way to increase fitness

Go on-line and discover the wide range of chair exercises you can do while sitting at your desk.

Encourage your workmates to join you in your activities. Set up a walking group at lunchtime or attend a local fitness class together.

Decide that you are simply not going to sit all day. Add some movement to your workday and you will go a long way to overall fitness. And you will also be a better, healthier and more alert employee.

Vive la Différence: Raising Children with Different Temperaments.

I have always known that each child is a unique individual. I looked at my two who are as different as night and day. Then I consider my siblings and we are a texbook example of different.

But, now I have three grandchildren, all the same age and the differences from their births has been striking. Just before they were born I was thinking about the two movies about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and this also caused me to think about the differences of people who live together.

The result is the e-parenting mini guide, Vive la Différence: Raising Children with Different Temperaments. 

 Bringing Parenting Today to your event. 

Parenting Today is keen to speak as part of your professional development event, parenting workshop or workplace wellness support program. I offer keynotes and workshops, have written books and have ongoing newspaper columns, books, blogs and newsletters.

And, no matter what the actual topic, they all share a basic value that I call:

P.U.R.E. Parenting.

P — is a parenting plan

U — is unconditional love

R — is respect for your child as he is right now

E — is encouragement

These make up the framework of any resources that will come from Parenting Today. These four pillars are the essential ingredients for raising healthy children who will develop into capable young men and women.


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