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There have been a number of different stories in the past few days that I found interesting and relevant so I am going to share them with you.

Corinne’s Quest Supported in the House of Commons

Joyce Murray is the Liberal candidate and current Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra. She made a statement in the House of Commons in which she noted that this hurtful practice effects the cognitive, emotional and physical development of kids and can result in lifelong repercussions.

Shockingly, section 43 of the Canadian Criminal Code still permits this cruel form of punishment; an archaic flaw in our legal system to say the least. You can hear her comments here.

I invite any of our supporters to go to the video and make your support known. Also, if you haven’t already signed on as a supporter of Corinne’s Quest, please do so.

 Four-Year Old Offends Neighbor by engaging in water play in his yard.

I received a call from CBC TV asking if I would comment on a story that was generating many comments on their site.

A father was washing his car in the driveway and his two young sons engaged him in some fun water play. The youngest, a four-year-old went to change his wet clothing. He came out of the house naked. I imagine he figured it was not reasonable to get dressed when he would simply get wet again.

A few days later, the RCMP arrived on their doorstep. A neighbour had reported them to the police.

I was flabbergasted. How can a preschooler, playing naked in the water on his own property be an issue? More confusing for me was why the neighbour wouldn’t simply ask the father to have the child wear his bathing suit. There are a number of points but one is the nasty implication of calling the police. We say that it takes a village to raise a child. But when neighbours will not speak directly to each other, what has happened to the village?  You can read the whole story here. 

11 Year-old Child Detained for Shopping Without an Adult.

I first heard about this story from CBC Saskatchewan. An 11 year-old child was shopping the Lego store in Calgary. He had earned $200.00 and was keen to add to his Lego collection. He got into a conversation with a staff person who asked his age. When he said he was 11 and a half he was placed in an area of the store and his father was called.

Had he been 6 month older he would have been fine but store policy does not allow children under 12 to shop alone.

From a customer relations point of view this is a problem. Any child who is behaving appropriately in the store should be left to shop.

We want our children to become independent, to know how handle themselves in public but if we detain them simply because they have not yet reached their twelfth birthday what are we teaching them? The rest of the story is here.

What’s Going On Here?

What do you think is happening here? There is a space for your comments at the end of this newsletter. Let’s hear from you.

As a society, we need to support the parents and children in our communities. When they behave in ways that are age appropriate we need to celebrate their actions.

Parent Cooperative Preschools International

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Parent Participation Preschools. Our local group is part of the International Federation and they hosted their annual meeting this year. It was an honour to be asked to deliver the keynote address at their annual dinner. I was even more honoured to receive a PCPI District Award.


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