The Dreaded Final Exams


If you are reading this during the evening, pacific time I will be enjoying a lovely meal with my husband and a few close friends. We are celebrating our forty-ninth wedding anniversary. How time flies! How fortunate I am to have met this wonderful man when I was a student and what a great life we are leading.

Meanwhile, speaking of being a student, your kids are dealing with their exams. What can you do to help them? Read on for some tips and advice.

The Dreaded Final Exams

June brings final exams for students of all ages. Watching children go through this ritual can be as stressful for parents as for the students themselves. And that can be difficult. We want to get involved, to make sure they’re learning what they need to learn and that they understand all the implications of every fact they’re collecting.

But the actual studying and writing of exams is the responsibility of kids. You can’t do it for them! Odds are that you have already graduated elementary and high school. Now it’s their turn. Their education, their exams are just that —  theirs.

However, you do have a role. There are some strategies parents can use to make exam time easier for their children.

  • Give your children a break from personal responsibilities such as making lunch or doing the laundry.
  • Reduce or eliminate any other household chores.
  • Students with part-time jobs should take the month of June off. Parents can help by insisting on this.
  • Prepare their favorite meals. Often students get into trouble by not eating properly.
  • Quietly slip in while they’re working away and bring a cold drink and cookies (but don’t talk!).
  • Understand the need for and value of some leisure to reduce the stress, so don’t criticize her if she takes a break to watch a favourite TV show.

Reducing their household responsibilities not only gives them time to study, it also demonstrates in a concrete way your commitment to education. They see that you believe so strongly in their studying that you’re willing to take on extra work to allow them to focus on their primary task during exam time.

Studying is hard work.  Understand when they are tired and encourage them to get enough sleep.

When they head off to school to write their exams, wish them luck.

Bring Kathy to your Community

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My presentations will share a basic value that I call

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P — is a parenting plan

U — is unconditional love

R — is respect for your child as he is right now

E — is encouragement

Digital Books Make Parenting Information More Accessible.

There are times when digital is the perfect answer and let’s face it, on a holiday having access to hundreds of books on one small tablet is ideal. I always have my kindle with me when I travel.

There are lots of times when a busy parent would like to be able to simply read and my books are digital and make it easier for you to take a look.

Two of my parenting books started as print versions but the third is only digital. The first two are also now in digital format. Who’s in Charge Anyway? talks about roots. It provides a clear road map for parent to focus on the tough but rewarding job of raising children to be responsible, self-disciplined adults.

But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home talks about raising children to become capable young men and women.






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