Canada’s Best Kept Secret

Canada’s Best Kept Secret

Today is National Child Day.  Did you know that? No, it’s our best kept secret. Last year the Prime Minister made a statement. But I can’t find one this year so let’s look back.

Social Media Posting on the Prime Minister’s Statement National Child Day.
In 2016,  Prime Minister Trudeau posted a statement on National Child Day.  Good for him for recognizing this often forgotten day. Among other comments he says that children deserve “to be raised in an environment that is free of violence.
He also notes that “the world has made significant progress in advancing children’s rights since the introduction of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”
I am so pleased to see this statement because we know that in order to raise children free of violence the government needs to Repeal s43 of the criminal code which specifically permits the hitting of children.
We also know that Canada is a signatory to the UN Convention but because of the presence of s43 in our Criminal Code we are not currently in compliance with the Convention.
And taking a look from another perspective, the 6th Call to Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission asks for Repeal.
So, let’s do it.

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  1. Ron Ensom says:

    Rationalizing disciplinary violence against children makes about as much sense as claiming that wives need to be beaten by husbands and apprentices beaten by their masters, as was commonly heard years ago. We now know that all hitting of children generates toxic stress, which can disrupt their developing brains, set in motion broad and enduring harm for children and society, and is a violation of children’s human rights. Yes, children need discipline. They need positive discipline, which teaches the important things parents want their children to learn.

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