Spring Break Ideas


Spring Break is on the horizon. What are you going to do with the kids?

Clearly some of you have enrolled them in fun and exciting programs which meet their interests and will keep them active and engaged. Bur what else can you do?

If possible, take a few vacation days so you can play with the kids. Now, we all know if you check your local paper, you’ll find a wide range of options for you and the kids. Places like Science World, the Aquarium and a range of museums. They will be busy, but the kids will have a great time.

Get creative. Spend an afternoon baking cookies followed by a dress-up tea party.

Kids love to work with their parents so find a project like painting the fence or preparing the garden for spring planting. Plan the tasks to fit with the age and ability of the child and make it a fairly short project, again depending on age.

Talk to the grandparents. They might love to host a sleep-over party for the kids.

This only covers some of the time. Once you’re back to work bring in some young, active fun care-givers. Talk to your neighbours or the local high school teachers or counsellors and hire some responsible teens (who have taken the babysitting course).  Teens in the senior years are looking for good, reliable work to help them save for their post-secondary years Your kids will have a blast because these caregivers will be keen to take the kids around town on bus and SkyTrain, will take them to the local parks, get them out on bikes. It’s a win-win.

With a little thought and planning Spring Break can be fun for both you and the kids.

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