How do we get teens to respond to our texts?


Communication between kids and parents is an important part of the relationship. But, what if the communication becomes stifling? What if kids feel that they are being stalked by their parents? Should kids be forced to respond to parent texts?

When Parents Text, Kids Must Respond.

A newly created app is one that forces kids to reply to texts from their parents. It locks their phone until they respond. If the teen mutes the sound, that okay, the app will override and make a sound so the kid cannot say he wasn’t aware that he had a text.

Technology has done much to change how parents and teens communicate. Parents of teens in the 1980s and 1990s had to learn to trust their kids. The teen would report either in advance at breakfast or over a quick phone-call later that they were going to a friend’s house after school. And that would be that.

Today, it’s all about texts, often multiple texts. Kids who don’t respond to texts may have many good reasons. They might be busy working on a school project with their classmates, maybe in a serious conversation of some import with a good friend, walking across a busy street. Or maybe, just maybe, they are tired of being texted every hour (or oftener) by a parent.

It’s about trust. It’s about privacy. It’s about burgeoning independence.

If parents only text kids when they need to pass on a message, kids are likely to respond. But if the kids feel suffocated by parent texts and/or feel untrusted, they may choose to simply mute the phone.

This app will not teach kids to be honest. As a matter of fact, it may do just the opposite, cause them to have a second phone to use with friends so they have their privacy.

Whether it’s listening in on phone calls, reading kids email or diaries or forcing text responses. These kids know you don’t really trust them and will act accordingly.

It’s a question of working on the relationship and of trusting these children we are raising, not of forcing them to respond instantly every time we wish.

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  1. Kids nowadays need more space and trust. They need guidance from parents but Thank you for sharing this entry. I will go and search for that app now.

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