Kathy Retires and Puts Energy into the Ignored Aspect of Domestic Abuse

Hello, Well the time has come to say goodbye. I am now retired and will not be continuing this newsletter. However, there are all the years of newsletter columns archived on the site. Just search for what you want it will … Continue reading

Window and Balcony Safety a Big Issue in Summer

Hello, It’s warm outside so the windows are open and the balcony beckons. And it’s lovely. But before you create these welcome breezes think about your children and what you ned to do to keep them safe. Window and Balcony … Continue reading

Grandparenting: Grander than I ever imagined

Hello, Summer is coming and I am looking forward to spending time with my grandchildren. But, planning that time is a challenge that changes every year as my grandchildren get older and have plans of their own. They are about … Continue reading

How to handle it when she’s ready to leave the nest.

How to handle it when she’s ready to leave the nest. Your grade twelve daughter has just announced that she’s been accepted at a few universities and her choice is McGill in Montreal. “But,” you stutter, “weren’t you accepted at … Continue reading

It’s summer. The kids get to take out the garbage.

Hi, Summer holidays are on the horizon and if the kids aren’t already helping around the house this is a good time to start. I remember during one week in a summer when the kids were in elementary school, I … Continue reading

Should We Put Our Kids First?

Hello, Spring is a time when we see the birth of flowers, grass and trees. It’s a good time to think about how we are going to enter the seasons of growth and change. Which leads us to think about … Continue reading

Family violence includes the legal assault of children.

Hello, Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative party, at a home-schooling conference suggested that the UN Convention on the rights of the child is a secret plot to ban parents from hitting children. Is this the leader that Alberta … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Summer Camp for your Child.

Hi, My grandchildren are now at an age when they say, “I can do it myself,” and they really mean it.It’s exciting watching them take their own lives in their hands one activity at a time. Summer camp give kids … Continue reading

Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job

Hi, It’s Spring and time to be thinking ahead to summer and summer jobs for your kids. It’s the job of your teen to find work and it’s your job to offer advice and support. In our last newsletter we talked … Continue reading

Spring Break Ideas

Hi, Spring Break is on the horizon. What are you going to do with the kids? Clearly some of you have enrolled them in fun and exciting programs which meet their interests and will keep them active and engaged. Bur … Continue reading