Family violence includes the legal assault of children.

Hello, Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative party, at a home-schooling conference suggested that the UN Convention on the rights of the child is a secret plot to ban parents from hitting children. Is this the leader that Alberta … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Summer Camp for your Child.

Hi, My grandchildren are now at an age when they say, “I can do it myself,” and they really mean it.It’s exciting watching them take their own lives in their hands one activity at a time. Summer camp give kids … Continue reading

Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job

Hi, It’s Spring and time to be thinking ahead to summer and summer jobs for your kids. It’s the job of your teen to find work and it’s your job to offer advice and support. In our last newsletter we talked … Continue reading

Spring Break Ideas

Hi, Spring Break is on the horizon. What are you going to do with the kids? Clearly some of you have enrolled them in fun and exciting programs which meet their interests and will keep them active and engaged. Bur … Continue reading

How do we get teens to respond to our texts?

Hi, Communication between kids and parents is an important part of the relationship. But, what if the communication becomes stifling? What if kids feel that they are being stalked by their parents? Should kids be forced to respond to parent … Continue reading

Punishment is NOT Discipline

Hello, In our last newsletter I spoke about the research surrounding the question of spanking. If you missed that and want to read it just click here. After taking a look at the research the next question is about child … Continue reading

Spanking: What does the research say?

Hello, Every time I speak about the physical punishment of children, I say that the research is in.  Today I want to take a look at the research which clearly states that hitting kids carries with it some clear and … Continue reading

School Involvement Matters

Happy New Year, One New Year’s resolution I want to suggest will aid in your child’s school experience. That is to get involved with the school. If you don’t already have a role, large or small, at the school make 2019 … Continue reading

Street Smarts for Parents and Kids

Hi, We want our kids to be active. We want them to put aside their screens and get out in the fresh air and get some healthy exercise. But we worry about their safety. The trick is to teach them. … Continue reading

Survival Tips for an Enjoyable Christmas

Hi, Christmas,  and other seasonal holidays are upon us and we want to enjoy them. It’s a question of planning. Here’s the best trick. Make a list of all the holiday related chores. Put the in order of priority. Then … Continue reading