How do you react when your child is unhappy?

 Kathy Will Be in Ontario If you are looking for a quality parenting workshop in your workplace, a professional development event for your staff who work with children and families, or a workshop for parents in your community and you … Continue reading

What does the ‘parenting lady’ actually do?

Hi, Before we get into this newsletter, I want to give our Ontario readers a heads  up that I will be in Ottawa in October and in Toronto in early December. See the details below. A lot of people who … Continue reading

Doesn’t Parenting Come Naturally?

There are those who believe that when parents come to understand the importance of the relationship between themselves and their child, when they are truly attached to the child, then parenting, knowing what to do, will come naturally and instinctively. … Continue reading

When are Kids Ready for Sleepovers?

Hi, In the last newsletter we talked a bit about different temperaments of children. Many of our parenting decisions are partially driven by the needs and abilities of our different children.mSleepovers is a great example of this so I turn … Continue reading

Vive la Differénce: A Sample Chapter

Hi, When the kids are out of school we often get a very different look at them. Because we’re simply spending more time with them and watching them with their friends we get a more complete picture of what makes … Continue reading

Why Kids Whine and What You Can Do About It.

Hello, Despite what I was told and reported in my previous newsletter, Jane Nelsen, distinguished psychologist, educator, and mother of seven, is alive and well. One of the child behaviours that drives parents wild is whining and in the summer … Continue reading

Words Matter.

What Have You Signed Up For? At some point you signed up to receive the Parenting Today E-Newsletter which comes out every second Thursday and arrives in you email. It comes from me, Kathy Lynn at and you can … Continue reading

Discipline and Punishment are not the same thing

Hi, We all know that kids need discipline but are we clear on the difference between discipline and punishment. I hear people mixing them up all the time and that includes parenting educators. So today, we are going to talk … Continue reading

Childhood Memories

My sister-in-law is visiting this week and I am having a lovely time listening to she and my husband reminisce. It doesn’t matter that I’ve heard the stories before; it’s an integral part of their visit. They talk about the … Continue reading

Teach Kids How to Problem-Solve

Hi, I hope you enjoyed our series of articles promoting the ParticipACTION program Bring Back Play. If you live in the Lower Mainland you will be interested in the free workshop on May 13. I hope to see you there.  … Continue reading