How to Make Moving Day Stress-Free

Hello, No matter what the weather when the calendar says it’s Spring the For Sale signs start popping up on lawns all over town. Moving is exciting and it’s stressful and when we have kids the stress is multiplied by … Continue reading

Child Discipline is not a party game

And yet, I am seeing what are touted as positive disciplinary tactics that are at least bizarre, certainly inappropriate and definitely have little to do with actual child discipline. The goal of child discipline is to teach, train and guide … Continue reading

Chores are Important for Teens

Hello, We know that we should involve our kids in doing chores but really sometimes it’s just easier to do it ourselves. But it is important and particularly so when our kids are teens. At that point it’s time for … Continue reading

Dad says Yes, Mom says No. How parents can work to agree on child raising practices.

In the last edition we talked about kids quareling and squabbling. Now, let’s take a look and what parents can do when they are squabbling because they can’t agree on how to raise the kids. One complaint I often hear … Continue reading

“Stop It, You Two!”

Happy New Year, One of my most popular workshop titles has always been “Stop It, You Two!” Kids squabbling and quarreling drives us all nuts and after having them on holidays it seems it never ends. So to start the … Continue reading

Calming the Christmas Rush

Merry Christmas  Christmas is the holiday we celebrate in our family. I wish you all the best with whatever holiday you celebrate with your family. In our last edition we talked about the planning for the holidays. Today we’re going … Continue reading

Celebrating the Holidays

Hi, No matter what you celebrate at this time of year, it’s holiday time and can create stress. So here are some thoughts about how to enjoy yourself; Celebrating the Holidays It’s almost here. You can feel it in the … Continue reading

What do you do when your child doesn’t like his teacher?

Hi, When are kids are having a struggle our tendency is to want to solve the problem and ease their pain. And often, that’s the right move. But the real challenge comes when we need to let our child own … Continue reading

If You Don’t Behave You’re Grounded for a Month

Do you ever find yourself issuing threats to your kids? Of course you do. The kids have pushed you to the wall and a threat just comes screaming out of your mouth. Did you mean it?  No. So what can … Continue reading

Temper Tantrums – - Only for Toddlers?

 Hi, A few weeks ago my grandson threw a classic temper tantrum. And his mother handled it just right. She didn’t panic. She kept an eye on him while he kicked and screamed. When he quieted down she offered him … Continue reading