Survival Tips for an Enjoyable Christmas

Hi, Christmas,  and other seasonal holidays are upon us and we want to enjoy them. It’s a question of planning. Here’s the best trick. Make a list of all the holiday related chores. Put the in order of priority. Then … Continue reading

Help Your Kids Make Christmas a Time for Caring

Hi, I celebrate Christmas and I love the holiday. One of the parts l like best is spending time with family. And there is usually a bonus when family members come to visit. Last year my brother and sister-in-law joined … Continue reading

How to put a stop to whining

Hi, We are currently enjoying beautiful weather out here on the west coast. The trick is to set aside chores that can wait (and in reality, most can), and get out and enjoy the weather. The other day I went … Continue reading

Ghosts, Goblins and Witches

Hi, In a few days we’ll be opening our doors to all the kids in the neighbourhood and our kids will be out on the streets knocking on doors. “Trick or Treat!” they will call out gleefully and receive candy … Continue reading

The Law is Fluid; not Fixed.

Hello, In my last newsletter, I spoke about the reasons we need to repeal the which permits the hitting of children. Corinne’s Quest, the campaign to end physical punishment of children is clear that this is a social justice issue, … Continue reading

What is the connection between the United Nations and physical punishment?

Hello, We read in the media this week that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to gain a seat on the United Nations Security Council. It caused me to think about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As a country … Continue reading

The Biggest Risk is Keeping Kids Indoors

Hi, I’ve recently seen some stories about adventure playgrounds for kids in their schoolyards. And I applaud the movement. But, we need to encourage play everywhere. In the parks, in our yards and in the schoolyard. Kids who play outdoors, kids … Continue reading

How to Enjoy Restaurant Dining with Kids

Hi, I recently saw an article in which a parent said that she permits her kids to make as much noise as they want no matter where they are. They, after all, just kids she said. My response is, “No Way!” … Continue reading

Speaking Disrespectfully is Never Okay

Hi, In the summer we tend to be out and about more and hear the interactions between kids and their parents. Most are positive but then there are the conversations that are just plain rude.  It’s important that parents teach … Continue reading

Hockey or Drama? Which extra-curricular activity fits your child?

Hi, Summer is half over and it’s time to take a look at Fall programs for your child. Choosing the right activity can be a challenge. There is the question of scheduling, of venue, of cost and, of course, what … Continue reading