Golly Gee, Where does that language come from?

Hello, We love to talk about communication with our kids. And we’re thrilled when they engage us in conversation. Except when the language coming out of their mouths would make a sailor blush. Where do they learn that language? Why … Continue reading

Should We Put Our Kids First?

Hi, If we put our kids first, will we raise spoiled brats? Or is it our job to put them first? What about the difference between their needs and wants? And should we sacrifice for our kids? The Prime Directive … Continue reading

How to Choose a Legal Guardian

Hi, I am writing this just before leaving for a one-week holiday. So I’m going to keep this short and simple. A few weeks ago I wrote an article for the North Shore News about naming a legal guardian for … Continue reading

An Important Skill for All Children

Hi, It’s a beautiful day to go for a walk. School has just begun for some of you, and starts shortly for the rest. So, why not take a walk to the school. Teach your kids how to get from … Continue reading

Family Meetings That Work

Hi, One of the great ways to handle the chaos and stress that can come with scheduling school, extra-curricular activities and family responsibilities is to have regular family meetings. School is less than a month away and this is a … Continue reading

Kids in the Kitchen

Hi, Summer is a great time to get kids involved in all kinds of household chores and activities. In the middle of the holiday they are starting to get a bit bored and looking for new adventures. You’ve taken them to … Continue reading

My Office is in My Home

Hi, For the most part I have had my office in my home. This creates a number of different challenges. Today I am going to share with you what I have learned over the years about juggling family and business … Continue reading

How can you protect your child from having a poor body image?

Hi, It’s lovely to put away all the winter wear and get into our light and colourful summer clothing. However, we do find that we become more aware of our bodies because, of course, summer clothes just don’t cover us … Continue reading

Summer Plans Galore.

Hi, Summer is rushing toward us and suddenly we realize we may not have done enough planning.  The kids are out of school. So how do we make this work? Today’s newsletter will give you lots of ideas and information. … Continue reading

Are All Four-Year Olds Alike?

Hello, Now that the weather is becoming increasingly summer-like I wanted to talk about backyard swimming pools. Let’s enjoy them but make sure they are also safe for our children. But first, I want to talk about child temperament. We … Continue reading