What do you do when your child doesn’t like his teacher?

Hi, When are kids are having a struggle our tendency is to want to solve the problem and ease their pain. And often, that’s the right move. But the real challenge comes when we need to let our child own … Continue reading

If You Don’t Behave You’re Grounded for a Month

Do you ever find yourself issuing threats to your kids? Of course you do. The kids have pushed you to the wall and a threat just comes screaming out of your mouth. Did you mean it?  No. So what can … Continue reading

Temper Tantrums – - Only for Toddlers?

 Hi, A few weeks ago my grandson threw a classic temper tantrum. And his mother handled it just right. She didn’t panic. She kept an eye on him while he kicked and screamed. When he quieted down she offered him … Continue reading

Can a Toddler Hear the Word No?

Can a Toddler Hear the Word No? When I’m speaking to parents of toddlers and preschoolers one common question is, “How do I get them to listen when I say no?” It can be so frustrating trying to get the … Continue reading

Making Sense of Physical Punishment of Children

 Hello, The question of physical punishment of children has been prominent in the news lately, particularly on the sports pages. NFL star, Adrian Peterson, took a ‘switch” (the thin part of a tree branch) and beat his son for some … Continue reading

How do you react when your child is unhappy?

 Kathy Will Be in Ontario If you are looking for a quality parenting workshop in your workplace, a professional development event for your staff who work with children and families, or a workshop for parents in your community and you … Continue reading

What does the ‘parenting lady’ actually do?

Hi, Before we get into this newsletter, I want to give our Ontario readers a heads  up that I will be in Ottawa in October and in Toronto in early December. See the details below. A lot of people who … Continue reading

Doesn’t Parenting Come Naturally?

There are those who believe that when parents come to understand the importance of the relationship between themselves and their child, when they are truly attached to the child, then parenting, knowing what to do, will come naturally and instinctively. … Continue reading

When are Kids Ready for Sleepovers?

Hi, In the last newsletter we talked a bit about different temperaments of children. Many of our parenting decisions are partially driven by the needs and abilities of our different children.mSleepovers is a great example of this so I turn … Continue reading

Vive la Differénce: A Sample Chapter

Hi, When the kids are out of school we often get a very different look at them. Because we’re simply spending more time with them and watching them with their friends we get a more complete picture of what makes … Continue reading