Park the Car Whenever Possible

Active Transport I love the summer. I love it for a lot of reasons but one is the reduced traffic around schools. During the school year perfectly healthy kids are being driven to and from school, causing major traffic jams. … Continue reading

Sneak it In

It’s not just our kids who need to be active.  In order to be healthy and be good role models we also need to keep moving. To get you started here are some ideas for staying active at work. Sneak … Continue reading

UnPlug and Play: Easier Said Than Done

Hints for families who want to meet the unplug and play challenge All my readers will know that I truly believe that our kids need to play. When I saw that ParticipACTION had developed a program called Bring Back Play … Continue reading

Getting Creative Around Family Dinners

Hi,  I think we would all agree that family dinners are important and wonderful. But are they possible? In some cases reality comes up against the dream and we are stymied. I have a question that came to me from … Continue reading

School-day Mornings Can Be Pleasant

Hi, I can pretty much guarantee you that all my recent mornings have been supremely pleasant. My husband, John, and I have had on our bucket list a trip through the Panama Canal. And today, through the miracle of technology … Continue reading

When Your Parenting Needs to Change

Vive la Différence: Raising Children with Different Temperaments. I have always known that each child is a unique individual. I looked at my two who are as different as night and day. Then I consider my siblings and we are … Continue reading

Parent Participation Preschoolers are often children of PPP alumni.

Hi, Believe it or not, it’s now time to be considering preschool for the Fall. In my part of the world, we have parent participation preschools and interestingly I have learned that many of the kids enrolled are children of … Continue reading

It was the day he almost wore his pyjamas to preschool.

Hello, I am getting ready to head off to visit friends and family. The extra cool part of this plan is that all this visiting is happening in warm and dry Arizona. Ahh, the joys of a winter holiday. I … Continue reading

Doesn’t Parenting Come Naturally?

Happy New Year, It’s a new year and you may have decided that it’s time to take a fresh look at your parenting skills by exploring ways to develop additional tips, advice or courses. So let’s take a look at … Continue reading

Why Do Some Kids Love Aggressive Play and How Can You Respond?

 Hi, During the Christmas holidays you will have more opportunities to watch your kids play with their siblings, cousins and other young friends. Many parents are concerned about the aggressive play they see in their children, particularly the boys. The … Continue reading