How to Enjoy Restaurant Dining with Kids

Hi, I recently saw an article in which a parent said that she permits her kids to make as much noise as they want no matter where they are. They, after all, just kids she said. My response is, “No Way!” … Continue reading

Speaking Disrespectfully is Never Okay

Hi, In the summer we tend to be out and about more and hear the interactions between kids and their parents. Most are positive but then there are the conversations that are just plain rude.  It’s important that parents teach … Continue reading

Hockey or Drama? Which extra-curricular activity fits your child?

Hi, Summer is half over and it’s time to take a look at Fall programs for your child. Choosing the right activity can be a challenge. There is the question of scheduling, of venue, of cost and, of course, what … Continue reading

When offering choices works

Should you offer your kids choices? Hello, I hope you’re enjoying the lovely summer weather and the extra time with your kids. We have heard that it’s a good idea to offer our kids choices, and it is but there … Continue reading

When explaining backfires

Hello,  It’s been a special time for my husband, John and I because we had a wonderful party to celebrate our 50thwedding anniversary. Shortly we are heading off on an Alaska cruise, our gift to each other. So, the next newsletter … Continue reading

What to do when your child misbehaves

Hello, There is often a lot of discussion and even controversy about how a parent should respond when a child misbehaves. The children need to learn why their misbehavior is a problem so they can make better decisions next time. … Continue reading

The Importance of Family Rules

Hi, Have you ever watched kids put together a game at the park? They have a ball and some space and instead of just toking off to play they start to develop the rules. And for them, rules matter. For some … Continue reading

Choosing the right summer camp for your child

Hello, One of the challenges of parenting is not just planning your kids activities but also planning ahead. It’s time to think summer.  Summer camp is one summertime staple for many families. I am a fan of summer camps but … Continue reading

Are Allowances Important for Kids?

Hello, Does it seem to you that you are constantly reaching into your wallet to give money to the kids? I can be unending. The solution is to give your children an allowance and teach them how to manage their … Continue reading

You Are Your Child’s Role Model

Hi, I was remembering one time when two of my nephews came to visit. My kids were preschoolers and these boys were about five years older. They were surprised by how interested our kids were in spending time with them. … Continue reading