The Importance of Family Rules

Hi, Have you ever watched kids put together a game at the park? They have a ball and some space and instead of just toking off to play they start to develop the rules. And for them, rules matter. For some … Continue reading

Choosing the right summer camp for your child

Hello, One of the challenges of parenting is not just planning your kids activities but also planning ahead. It’s time to think summer.  Summer camp is one summertime staple for many families. I am a fan of summer camps but … Continue reading

Are Allowances Important for Kids?

Hello, Does it seem to you that you are constantly reaching into your wallet to give money to the kids? I can be unending. The solution is to give your children an allowance and teach them how to manage their … Continue reading

You Are Your Child’s Role Model

Hi, I was remembering one time when two of my nephews came to visit. My kids were preschoolers and these boys were about five years older. They were surprised by how interested our kids were in spending time with them. … Continue reading

Kids in the Kitchen

Hello, Eating is universal. We all eat. Most kids love to help out in the kitchen. Although it seems like a hassle to have them helping prepare our meals, it’s worth it. And Spring break may just give you the … Continue reading

Let Your Child Be the Helicopter

Hello, One of the toughest parts of parenting is letting our kids grow up. We want to hang on to them and keep them safe but our job is to let them go. It’s a process involving letting them do … Continue reading

What do you do when your child doesn’t listen?

Hi,  Do you sometimes feel as if you’re just wasting your breath when you talk to the kids? You are certain that you were very clear with your child about what you needed from her, but she just ignores you. … Continue reading

Consider Parent Participation Preschool for your Child

Choosing a Preschool For Your Child Believe it or not, it’s now time to be considering preschool for the Fall. In my part of the world, we have parent participation preschools and interestingly I have learned that many of the kids … Continue reading

Tired of hearing your toddler say “No”?

Hello, The first time your little one stamps his foot and declares “No!” you may find it cute.  But the cuteness soon wears off and you wonder if that’s the only word he has in his vocabulary. You can change No … Continue reading

Help Your Children to Become Capable.

Happy New Year I thought we’d start the year out by talking about what we can do to help our kids become capable. I was interested watching my five-year-old grandchildren do for themselves whatever they could and their parents patiently … Continue reading