Failure is the route to success

Failure Can Be a Gift Helicopter parents hover; they are always there to make sure that there are no bumps in the road for their children. Another aspect to this dynamic is the fear of failure. That is, fear of … Continue reading

What Do Christian Churches Think About Physical Punishment

Hello, Recently, clergy, theologians, church leaders, Christian community members, students and academics met for two days at Queen’s University in Canada to discuss corporal punishment and law reform.  The forum was held in response to the TRC’s Call to Action … Continue reading

Make Hallowe’en Spooky and Fun

Hello, Fall is here, the days are shorter and the kids are fixated on what they’re going to be for Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en has become a challenge for parents as our fears sometimes take over and we miss the fun and excitement. … Continue reading

Putting the Thankfulness into Thanksgiving

Hello, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What does the holiday mean for you and your family? My grandchildren are extremely fortunate. They are fortunate that they are healthy, that they were born to their particular parents and that they … Continue reading

How Much Activity is Too Much?

Hi, The kids are settled into school and now you are looking at their extra-curricular time. I know you’ve already booked them into soccer, gymnastics, piano and/or drama. All the times and places are on your calendar which is full … Continue reading

We Need To Let Our Kids Grow Up.

Hi, Open up any facebook posting this week and you’ll see comments from parents sending kids off to Kindergarten, High School and University. The big transitions. The trick is to celebrate. It’s exciting. It means that you have done our … Continue reading

Is Ashley Ready for a Sleepover Party?

Hello, How has your summer been?  What were the highlights? We took a trip to visit a number of friends and relatives with summer cottages. We were, in fact, cottage-surfing. The Ontario weather was not exactly the best but the visits … Continue reading

Planning Now Will Make Back to School a Breeze

  Hi, Well I’m back from holidays feeling rested and ready for the rest of the summer. Today we’re going to take a look at preparing for the Fall.  Yes, it will be here before we know it. Settle back … Continue reading

When Do Bribes Work?

If You Behave I’ll Give You a Candy. Recently I read an article about running errands with kids. The premise was that you make it fun and comfortable for all. The author talked about preparing the children for the outing. … Continue reading

Kids in the Kitchen

Hello, Today we’re going to about involving your kids in meal preparation. While your do that,  I am off having wonderful restaurant meals in Southern Oregon.  Ashland and the Oregon theatre festival to be exact. It’s an annual trip for us … Continue reading