Consider Parent Participation Preschool for your Child

Choosing a Preschool For Your Child Believe it or not, it’s now time to be considering preschool for the Fall. In my part of the world, we have parent participation preschools and interestingly I have learned that many of the kids … Continue reading

Tired of hearing your toddler say “No”?

Hello, The first time your little one stamps his foot and declares “No!” you may find it cute.  But the cuteness soon wears off and you wonder if that’s the only word he has in his vocabulary. You can change No … Continue reading

Help Your Children to Become Capable.

Happy New Year I thought we’d start the year out by talking about what we can do to help our kids become capable. I was interested watching my five-year-old grandchildren do for themselves whatever they could and their parents patiently … Continue reading

Kid’s manners are on display during the holidays

Merry Christmas, I am a Christmas person but want to wish you all the best no matter how you celebrate the holiday. On Tuesday (Dec.19) I posted a link to an article about helping kids to handle unwanted hugs and … Continue reading

Domestic Violence Starts Over the Knees of Parents

Hi, Well the rhythm of my regular newsletter hit a snag last week when my computer decided to die. As you can imagine, being without a computer for five days is a challenge. Yes, I have my phone but it’s … Continue reading

Canada’s Best Kept Secret

Canada’s Best Kept Secret Today is National Child Day.  Did you know that? No, it’s our best kept secret. Last year the Prime Minister made a statement. But I can’t find one this year so let’s look back. Social Media … Continue reading

Failure is the route to success

Failure Can Be a Gift Helicopter parents hover; they are always there to make sure that there are no bumps in the road for their children. Another aspect to this dynamic is the fear of failure. That is, fear of … Continue reading

What Do Christian Churches Think About Physical Punishment

Hello, Recently, clergy, theologians, church leaders, Christian community members, students and academics met for two days at Queen’s University in Canada to discuss corporal punishment and law reform.  The forum was held in response to the TRC’s Call to Action … Continue reading

Make Hallowe’en Spooky and Fun

Hello, Fall is here, the days are shorter and the kids are fixated on what they’re going to be for Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en has become a challenge for parents as our fears sometimes take over and we miss the fun and excitement. … Continue reading

Putting the Thankfulness into Thanksgiving

Hello, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What does the holiday mean for you and your family? My grandchildren are extremely fortunate. They are fortunate that they are healthy, that they were born to their particular parents and that they … Continue reading