The City was Booked Solid. Who would have guessed?

I figure I am old enough to have the life experience that allows me to make some simple assumptions.

So I did. We were going to Calgary and going to arrive either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. We wanted to stay on the northern edge of town.

So, it was mid week in September. No need for reservations, particularly when the travel plans were going to evolve.

Yep, my life experience said there would be no problem.

My life experience should have told me not to assume. I know better. We arrived in Calgary on Tuesday evening, we checked out the motel at the edge of town. Full. What? Yes totally full. So we figured they had a wedding or something special and went to the place next door. Full. No room at the inn.

That’s when we discovered there was a huge convention in town. No rooms, anywhere. Nada. Not downtown, not north, south, east or west. The search parameters expanded. Airdrome was full but Cochrane had rooms. Or so the desk clerk thought. But, no luck.

Which is why we spent the nights in the Kananaskis area, driving the highway to Calgary.  We decided there were two positive aspects to the situation.

One, we actually got a room and the place had food service which was a consideration after all the time we spent looking for accommodations. And number two, when it came time to head home we were well established to hit the road and go west.

Lesson learned. Don’t assume, reserve.


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  1. Terri says:

    Maybe it was census time. Did you try the stable ?

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