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Stop It You Two!

Stop It You Two!  How to Stop the Endless Bickering. My four-year-old son and six-year-old daughter bicker constantly. It’s driving me nuts. “She got more cereal than me.” “He took the special spoon.”They argue over every little thing. What can … Continue reading

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Helicopter Parents Doing Kids a Disservice

An article in the Vancouver Sun titled;  Helicopter parents hovering ever closer experts say caught my eye. Because of my book, But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home, I am hyper aware of the stories about kids who are … Continue reading

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Why Emma Goes Nuts When You Change the Routine

Happy New Year, The New Year is a time when we are thinking about our habits. We wonder if we should make some changes and many of us develop New Year’s resolutions. And sometimes we even keep them. Based on … Continue reading

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How to Enhance Employee Enagagement

One of my favourite blogs comes from Doug Brockway at Brockway Human Services Inc. In a recent article he talks about the importance of Employee Engagement and then invites comment. One thing I know is that when the workplace looks … Continue reading

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