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Children of Divorce Benefit from Connection with Both Parents

I love to hear from my readers. I am enjoying the comments I have received on the blog page of my newsletter and the LinkedIn groups. I cannot reply to all the parenting questions I receive but today I am … Continue reading

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Is Underwear Appropriate Sports Attire?

We work hard to teach our children to respect their bodies and those of others. We are also teaching our girls that they can be physically active and participate in any sport or activity they wish. We want them to … Continue reading

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Are French Kids Better Socialized Than Ours?

Lately I have come across a couple of articles about French children who are, it was said, more polite and better socialized. The discussion was started as a result of the launch of a new book by Pamela Druckerman called … Continue reading

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Are We Turning Play into Big Business?

Kid’s play has become big business instead of simply letting kids do their thing. The business sector is creating all kinds of play programs for kids.  In my book But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home I … Continue reading

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Helping Parents to Be More Productive at Work

Parents today, more and more, parent together. So when an employee, male or female becomes a parent, they will want to access flexible working arrangements to accommodate their new reality. In an article in the Globe and Mail, Leah Eichler … Continue reading

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