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TV Families Where You Least Expect Them

When we think about TV family programs our minds immediately go to shows such as Parenthood and Modern Family. But families pop up everywhere and attitudes toward them vary as much as the actual programs. Recently I found myself considering … Continue reading

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Can Car Travel with Kids be Fun?

Imagine if you will a family of four deciding to take off on their summer vacation. They are going to travel by car. And they expect to have a good time, even when they are in the car. It can … Continue reading

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WHY? The Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and a group composed mainly of young people rioted on the streets. Why? The riots were first fueled by alcohol. The drinking started early in the day as fans arrived in plenty of … Continue reading

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Everybody Pees

I’d like to be able to talk about how Spring has arrived and the weather is perfect but, with the miracle of technology I am writing this one week early ready for delivery today. I am taking a short break … Continue reading

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