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What Do You Want For Our Children in 2013?

 It’s almost the New Year and time to think about 2013. It is always the time that I look at all our children and hope and wish for a better world for them. And now that I am a grandma … Continue reading

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Plan a Realistic Christmas – and Enjoy

Christmas is looming, your to-do list is haunting you and the kids are driving you nuts. Often the problem is not with the kids; it’s with our expectations of how Christmas should be. A month before my first Christmas as … Continue reading

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How to Make the Holidays Fun for All

Merry Christmas. In our home Christmas is the holiday we celebrate. But, of course, that’s not the only holiday on the calendar in December. However, whatever your custom and culture, the kids are excited, and you are trying to figure … Continue reading

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Remembering December 6, 1989

December 6 is the day we remember the fourteen young women who were killed by Marc Lepine at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. After the news was broadcast, our phone began to ring. “Is Chelsea okay?” was the refrain we were … Continue reading

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