This Summer Involve the Kids in Housewo

Hi, “Are you going to be doing a workshop that is open to the public?” “Do you have a new book coming out?” “Will you speak at our convention, professional development event, parent conference?” You have asked and the response … Continue reading

I Am So the Boss of You — a review

I just finished reading I Am So the Boss of You by Kathy Buckworth and wrote a review for Amazon which I titled I am Not a Fan. If you wonder what I thought, here goes” I am parenting author … Continue reading

Should You Have a Second Child?

Hello, There are a lot of advantages of having one child. An obvious one is financial; raising children is expensive. In my book, But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home, I note that because parents spend a … Continue reading

Getting Picky Eaters to Eat

Hi, Food is essential to life and you would think that getting kids to eat would be a no-brainer. But, we all know that it isn’t. So what’s going on and what can you do about it? “I Hate Peas!” … Continue reading

How To Find a Qualified Parenting Educator

Hi, Today, parenting information is everywhere and it can be a challenge for parents, for workplace wellness directors and for meeting planners for determine who would be a qualified, credible speaker for their event. There are two things that you … Continue reading

Do You Trust Your Teen?

Hi, I am one lucky traveler. While many of my friends and colleagues got caught in the winter storms last week, I managed to fly into Toronto right after all the cancellations and also had no problems on the return. … Continue reading

Would Banning Spanking Lead to Criminalizing Parents?

Hi, I have two very different concepts for your consideration today. Most of us agree that hitting children just isn’t necessary, effective or even civil. But while we may want to formalize the end of physical punishment of children, many … Continue reading

When should you be thinking about preschool?

Hi, I’m back from holidays. I had a wonderful rest, great time with my guy and the conviction that my golf game needs work. Today we are going to talk about preschool. Believe it or not, preschools are now registering … Continue reading

Stop It You Two!

Stop It You Two!  How to Stop the Endless Bickering. My four-year-old son and six-year-old daughter bicker constantly. It’s driving me nuts. “She got more cereal than me.” “He took the special spoon.”They argue over every little thing. What can … Continue reading

Helicopter Parents Doing Kids a Disservice

An article in the Vancouver Sun titled;  Helicopter parents hovering ever closer experts say caught my eye. Because of my book, But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home, I am hyper aware of the stories about kids who are … Continue reading