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New Grandma Plays with the Infants

I wrote today’s newsletter for me. This is the day I will meet my two grandchildren who are going to be born later today. They are all I can think about at this time so I decided to remind myself … Continue reading

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Becoming Grandma: 3

The day is getting closer. Soon I will be a grandma.  What kind of grandmother will I be, I wonder. When I was a girl my grandparents lived on the other side of the country. I was in Ottawa, Ontario … Continue reading

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What to do when Hayley is bored.

Hi, Some of you have made it clear you want to know more about my impending grandparent role.  Besides these regular newsletters I do blog and I will be talking about my experience and will be keen to read your … Continue reading

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Becoming Grandma:2

I remember that being pregnant took over my whole being. Anything else that was going on the world just didn’t seem to matter much. My whole focus was on this new life growing inside me. I spoke to a friend … Continue reading

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