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Kathy’s Brilliant Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi, Are you looking over your Christmas shopping list and wondering if you could find something special and different for the people on your list? Well, I have a few recommendations for you. My books, Who’s in Charge Anyway? and But … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Vote and Involve the Kids

Elections Matter The municipal elections are on tomorrow and it’s important that you get out and vote. And what, you wonder, has that to do with parenting. It matters because how we vote and who we elect can have a … Continue reading

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When Is it Okay to Check Your Teen’s Backpack?

When Is It Okay To Check Your Teens’ Backpacks? Hello, Today we’re going to look at teens and the sticky topic of privacy. Let me know what you think. Just leave a reply at the bottom of the story on … Continue reading

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Talking about sex – how the Justin Bieber story is an opportunity for parents.

When my son was 9 years-old, he came home one day to tell me that his buddy’s teen-age sister was pregnant. He understood the mechanics of the situation, had grown up knowing how babies are conceived but now he needed … Continue reading

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Making Homework Work

Hello, In my workshops one of the most common questions I get is about homework. How to get the kids to do it? What is the parent’s role? So let’s talk about it. But first. How do you like to … Continue reading

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