Speaking Engagements


  • Story Time Standouts Storytime Standouts offers information about learning to read, free early literacy printables and children’s book suggestions. Themes incl. bullying, diversity, multiculturalism, and eco friendly picture books.
  • Allowances Dollars and Sense Everything you want to know about your kids and money management.
  • BC Camping Association When you’re ready to send your kids to camp this is a great resource for camps, assessing readiness and choosing the right camp for your child.
  • BC Council for Families Lots of great information and publications for those who want to look at the state of families in BC.
  • Council of Parent Participation Preschools I strongly recommend these preschools. For those from other places look for your closest co-operative preschool.
    These kids’ exercise videos are in thousands of classrooms across the continent. Kids are smiling… and sweating! Teachers love them, and so do parents. A great way to fight the obesity epidemic and plant the seed to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • The Mommy Consultant for expectant parents.
  • Pausemeister: Pat Katz Learn how to put your life in balance with Pat Katz.
  • Today’s Parent Magazine This magazine should be the bible for all parents. I write a montly column for this magazine and am honoured to be part of this quality publication.

Other Links

  • Bullying: One of the biggest problems faced by kids being bullied is how to let someone who will listen help. This site is designed for kids to be able to get the help they need through their particular school.
  • Do you need help with specific teenage issues? Issues like letting your teen know you care? Or monitoring their activities without breaking their trust? Or perhaps even stronger issues like alcohol, drugs, or ‘the wrong crowd’? Then the new series Fitting the Pieces is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Parentbooks: offers a comprehensive selection of resources for parents, families, counselors, educators, therapists and clinicians. From planning a family to everyday parenting issues to special needs of all kinds; friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the books you need.
  • Free Toddlers Activity & Child Discipline Guide:  Free parenting resources to help you use positive parenting in your child’s development, toddlers activities, crafts, games and even in child discipline – Rules for Ratbags!
  • Parenting with Dignity:  Featured on ABC’s 20/20, teaches parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids. Discover five simple rules for parents, and learn how “The ideas in our kids’ heads rule their world.”
  • My Health and Wellness: Free expert and timely health and medical answers to health and wellness questions

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