Communication with teens

Having a conversation with a teenager can be an exercise in frustration. How is it that the child who can spend hours on the Internet or telephone talking to her friends clams up the minute you ask a question?
Maybe that’s it, you ask a question.
When talking to our teens it’s so easy to slip into interrogation. And when we’re not questioning, we’re lecturing. After all they can get into so much trouble and we worry about them. The trick is to listen.
When you listen to your teen you will most often discover that under the bravado, is the child you know and the child you can trust.
When you trust your teen she will come to you when she needs help, advice or a shoulder to cry on. The trick is to step back and slow down.
The best conversations are often surprises. You?re in the car driving her to meet her friends at a movie at you end up chatting. And you learn about her hopes, wishes and fears. Now, instead of jumping all over her, keep listening. She will let you know when she wants or needs your advice.
When you arrive at her destination you can say;”I enjoyed our conversation. If you ever want my feedback, just let me know.”
Then say goodbye as she rushes off to join her friends.
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