Workforce Engagement Enhances Employee Productivity and Retention.

“I brag to my friends about our workplace.”

I was about to begin a workshop for parents of teens who worked in a a downtown law firm when one of the participants made this comment.

“Yeah, we’re so lucky to have Kathy available to us. I would never want to work anywhere else.”

This conversation was about my Great@Home–Great@Work program.

We had had a number of workshops over the past year focusing on topics such as child discipline, chores and child self esteem.

This particular group of parents have ‘tweens and teens and wanted a focus on this age group. They requested the topic and here we were.

The parents in this law firm were clear that they were engaged with their workplace because the workplace is engaged with them and their needs not just as workers but also as parents.

In a recent study about employee attitudes and concerns about work, Towers Watson, a professional services firm that helps organizations improve performance found that employee engagement is an important contributing factor to workplace productivity.

They found that organizations with high levels of sustainable engagement experience less absenteeism, and lower ‘presenteeism’ (lost productivity at work).

The employees who are also parents and work in companies that acknowledge their reality when it comes to child raising are engaging their workers at a basic level.

When these employees can receive support and guidance from the workplace they will be engaged. And because their work at home is more effective they will come to work ready to focus and be productive.

This is a good reason to become involved in the Great@Home – Great@Work program.

In a recent blog I answered many of your questions about this program.

Give me a call and we can talk about how we can design a program that will work for you and your employees.

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