Negative Discipline Methods — an overview

Hi, If you are one of my regular readers you know that I am working to end physical punishment of children in Canada. I am clear that hitting is assault, spanking is hitting, therefore, spanking is assault. Often when I … Continue reading

Mom, She’s Being Bad!”

Hi, I don’t know where you are and what you’re doing but I am travelling to the desert to visit with my brother and sister-in-law.  They also have five grandchildren and I hope to meet them all.While I am relaxing, … Continue reading

Is Your Child Suffering from Spring Fever?

Hi, Spring break is just around the corner and no matter where you are in Canada, you are anxiously awaiting the end of our horrible winter. That’s when we find ourselves dealing with Spring Fever. But, it’s not just us, … Continue reading

Play is the Essence of Childhood

Hi, One of the joys of my life is watching my grandchildren play. They create fantasy situations, with stories and activities associated with the story they are creating including taking on different personas to fit the game. They involve their … Continue reading

You Can Help Your Child Remember

Hi, Well it seems that no matter where you live winter is hitting with a vengeance. Now, I am on the west coast of Canada and compared to the rest of the country we get off easy. But, we aren’t … Continue reading

What is Jodie Good At?

Hello, Today is a very special day because it is my daughter’s birthday. There are lots of things I’ve forgotten over the years but this day, forty-six years ago is the day I became a Mom. And it was right. … Continue reading

Time Out NOT The Universal Answer

Hello, When I talk to people about child discipline they want a clear formula for how to change their child’s behaviour. So they look to time out and set rules in place for this choice. But that totally misses the … Continue reading

M-o-m-m. I want a cookie. Why do kids whine?

Happy New Year, I hope you had a lovely holiday. I must say I did. My grandchildren are 4 ½ and this is the first year that they really understand what the holiday is all about. It was great to … Continue reading

The Galloping Gimmes

Hi, Christmas is coming, excitement rules.  But are the kids also creating wish lists that would put you in the poor house if you were to buy them everything they want? Let’s take a look at how to help our … Continue reading

Involve Your Kids in the Christmas Tasks

Hello, It’s time to start to get ready for the holidays. It’s tough with kids who are underfoot, who are excited and who are driving you nuts because they keep asking how many sleeps until the holidays. Now, I have used … Continue reading