I’m Bored!

Hi, Ah, those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer.  Time to relax.  But when you’re six or eight or ten years old you’re looking for the action. The lazy and hazy days are not interesting and now, in the middle … Continue reading

Water Safety and Our Kids

Hi, Summer is arriving slowly out here on the west coast, but we have faith it will arrive. And with it will be water play of all sorts.It’s refreshing and fun to play in the water, but we also need … Continue reading

Make Your Toys Gender Free

Hi,  The beautiful weather means that our kids will spend more time outdoors. And when they are playing, let’s let them determine what they will do. If Olivia wants to haul sand in a dump truck good for her and … Continue reading

Chores in the Summer-time

Hi,  Summer holidays are on the horizon and your kids will find themselves with extra time on their hands. If they’re not already doing chores this is the time to start. Depending on their age this may also be the … Continue reading

Tips for dealing with your child while you’re on the phone

Hello, Have you ever noticed that your child will play quietly by himself until the phone rings or dings. Suddenly, while you’re trying to talk on the phone or respond to a text or email he needs your attention right … Continue reading

Baby Talk Leads to Baby Talkers

Hi, From the first word out of our children’s mouths to the long descriptive stories they love to tell as they get older, language is an important piece of child development.So today we’re going to take a quick look at … Continue reading

Manners Matter

Modelling Manners for Your Children A while back I saw an article lisitng rules for entertaining like a grownup. The exact rules were not the point; the real point was that once we’re adult and beyond the poor student stage, … Continue reading

Children need discipline. They do not need to be hit!

Hi, I am in Ottawa speaking to the ‘powers that be’ about our need to stop the legal assault of our children. As of this date, 49 countries have banned the physical punishment of children. Isn’t it about time that … Continue reading

What if your child just won’t budge?

Hi, Some kids go through a stage of being stubborn and others are born that way. Whichever is your reality, having a stubborn kid can wear down the most patient of parents. So what can you do? What if your … Continue reading

What do you do when your child just won’t listen?

Hello, You say in a quiet and offhand way that maybe it would be fun to go to the park later today. It wasn’t a big deal but boy did the kids hear you and hold you to it. In … Continue reading