How Great@Home–Great@Work Can Benefit My Workplace

“We have a range of resources for the parents in our workplace. Why should we choose Great@Home–Great@Work?” Good question. Family friendly workplaces already understand that supporting parents in the workplace is a good business decision. Because problems at home always … Continue reading

How to Children Open the Door to Life-long Friendships

Hi, For the past six weeks I have been attending the Baby Days presentations put on by the Public Health Nurses in Richmond BC.  My job is to soothe whichever twin needs adult arms, my daughter takes the calmer one … Continue reading

What’s Missing in Work-life Balance Programs?

What’s Missing in Work-life Balance Programs?  There are books, articles, workshops and coaches all focused on work/life balance. It’s a huge and important topic, but at one level it is essentially flawed. Let me explain why. Generally the work-life material … Continue reading

Can Your Kids Trust You?

Hello, Our children need to know they can trust us. It is important for children to know that they will be cared for, that they have parents and caregivers who are there for them and tell them the truth. We … Continue reading

Siblings Sharing A Bedroom

Hello, What is the difference between a blog and an e-zine? There are a variety of opinions. In my case my blog is a comment on my life or a breaking story or simply something that is bugging or exciting … Continue reading

The City was Booked Solid. Who would have guessed?

I figure I am old enough to have the life experience that allows me to make some simple assumptions. So I did. We were going to Calgary and going to arrive either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. We wanted … Continue reading

Letting Go — Tough but Necessary

Hi, It’s September and the kids are starting a new school year. Whether it’s preschool, elementary or high school or a post secondary education; each stage demands that we step back and let our kids thrive at their new level. … Continue reading

Workforce Engagement Enhances Employee Productivity and Retention.

“I brag to my friends about our workplace.” I was about to begin a workshop for parents of teens who worked in a a downtown law firm when one of the participants made this comment. “Yeah, we’re so lucky to … Continue reading

Being Grandma

On July 26, I morphed from becoming a Grandma to being one. Six weeks ago I posted my third blog about becoming Grandma and since then I have been busy enjoying the experience. The day I became a Grandma is … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Back to School

 Hi, You can’t miss the fact that it’s almost time to go back to school. The sales flyers and posters are everywhere. But shopping is only part of the preparation. There are some things we can do to ease the end … Continue reading