Why Should You Care About Parent Skills Training?

Parent Skills Training in the Workplace

If you employ adults, it is likely that you have parents in your workforce.

Parents who are committed to your goals, who are keen to do the best job possible, who like their jobs, who willingly accept the challenges of their position. They are the very sort of people you want working in your workplace.

But, what if they routinely have huge fights with their toddlers when they try to get them ready to leave for daycare in the morning, are dealing with school-aged kids making last minute demands for sports equipment or can’t rouse their teenager to get her out of bed on time to make it classes?

Then these otherwise great employees arrive at work frazzled, concerned and frustrated. The odds of them being as productive as possible are low.


This is where Great@Home–Great@Work comes into play.

While most workplaces have quality counseling programs, what’s missing is the preventive work that will come into play before counseling is needed.

Child raising skills training offers parents in the workplace the opportunity to develop an effect plan for their parenting role. And this will result in employees who are focused on the work, not agonizing over their child-raising role.

The program is flexible and can be designed to meet your particular needs.

Just call Kathy at 604-258-9074 and let’s make a plan for the parents in your workplace.

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