TV Families Where You Least Expect Them

When we think about TV family programs our minds immediately go to shows such as Parenthood and Modern Family. But families pop up everywhere and attitudes toward them vary as much as the actual programs.
Recently I found myself considering the role of family in police drama. Not the place you expect to find it right? Well let’s take a look at three currently popular shows.
For action and excitement you can turn on Flashpoint in which the well-trained team not only defuse bombs but also hostage takings and unbalanced and dangerous criminals.
Hawaii Five-O is as much about the scenery as the police work and Blue Bloods depicts a three-generation family of cops keeping New York safe for it’s citizens.
In Hawaii Five-O, Detective Danny (Danno) Williams has a family issue that needs to be solved. Problem is, the team is also busy solving a crime. But, the priority is clear. Danno is sent off to look after family first and the team ensures him that if he needs help, they are there for him.
Blue Bloods is focused on family. Every episode shows the family around the dinner table. There are four generations of the Reagan family gathered to chat, argue and connect. The importance of family, the support and closeness is more important to the program than the crimes they are solving.
Flashpoint, on the other hand, is not so kind to family. The team comes first. Team leader, Gregory Parker is divorced and rarely, if ever, sees his son and team member Ed Lane has just received an ultimatum from his wife. We have seen Lane cancel family events at the last minute because of work and in the last show he was at work while his wife was in labour.
The team members in Flashpoint work hard to understand the motivation of the criminal they are handling. Why are they so blind to the personal lives of their members?
It begs the question, is any job more important than family? Is any person in any job irreplaceable? Should priority go to work or family? How often?
And should television be teaching us to know that family needs to come first?
What do you think?

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