The Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and a group composed mainly of young people rioted on the streets.


The riots were first fueled by alcohol. The drinking started early in the day as fans arrived in plenty of time to ensure getting a seat in the sports bar of their choice. But, even with the drinking why would they behave in such a despicable manner?

Too many of our young people believe they have the right to have what they want when they want it. They have not heard their parents say “no” often enough.

Too many parents tell me they want their kids to be happy so they give in and given them what they want. Unfortunately while wanting our kids to be happy is a laudable goal, it is often our job to say no and make them unhappy.

We want out kids to fit in so we give them the toys, the clothing and the technology that the other kids have whether we believe they should have them or not.

Kids need to learn that sometimes they can’t have what they want. And other times they can have what they want but not right now. They may have to save their allowance and buy it themselves or wait three months until their birthday.

Another factor is the parenting we are calling helicopter parenting or hyper parenting or simply over-protection. Children are being watched and supervised most of the day. They are driven to school, taken to organized activities and spending time at home under the constant and watchful eye of their parents.

So when they get out on their own, when they don’t get what they want (for the Canucks to win the cup) and when they have been drinking for nine or ten hours they trash a city.Of course this is not the case for all kids. But, for the young adults on the streets of Vancouver on Wednesday night maybe these were some of the factors.

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