How Great@Home–Great@Work Can Benefit My Workplace

“We have a range of resources for the parents in our workplace. Why should we choose Great@Home–Great@Work?”

Good question. Family friendly workplaces already understand that supporting parents in the workplace is a good business decision. Because problems at home always trump problems at work, reducing parenting stress is simply a no brainer for the workplace.

Parents who work in a supportive workplace become loyal to their jobs and have no interest in leaving. Their absenteeism rate goes down because things are generally under control on the home front.

There is a range of supports available for parents in the workforce. The EFAP programs offer counseling for when situations become more serious and this is a valuable service.

Great@Home–Great@Work does not offer counseling but we do offer parenting advice, training and support. Parents who have a quality parenting plan and solid information from a qualified professional are less likely to need counseling services. This program is not about crisis management but about prevention. Knowledge is a great resource.

While we do offer popular workshops, that is only the tip of the parenting support iceberg. You can choose to have regular articles to send to your staff, weekly tips or an email program allowing the parents in your workshop to have access to advice when they need it.

Christmas is coming. If you would like to sample a typical article offering advice for making this holiday the best, just let me know and I will send it along. You can pass it on within your workplace and check the responses.

Take a look at our brochure. Give me a call.

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