Why Emma Goes Nuts When You Change the Routine

Happy New Year, The New Year is a time when we are thinking about our habits. We wonder if we should make some changes and many of us develop New Year’s resolutions. And sometimes we even keep them. Based on … Continue reading

How to Enhance Employee Enagagement

One of my favourite blogs comes from Doug Brockway at Brockway Human Services Inc. In a recent article he talks about the importance of Employee Engagement and then invites comment. One thing I know is that when the workplace looks … Continue reading

What Do You Want For Our Children in 2013?

 It’s almost the New Year and time to think about 2013. It is always the time that I look at all our children and hope and wish for a better world for them. And now that I am a grandma … Continue reading

Plan a Realistic Christmas – and Enjoy

Christmas is looming, your to-do list is haunting you and the kids are driving you nuts. Often the problem is not with the kids; it’s with our expectations of how Christmas should be. A month before my first Christmas as … Continue reading

How to Make the Holidays Fun for All

Merry Christmas. In our home Christmas is the holiday we celebrate. But, of course, that’s not the only holiday on the calendar in December. However, whatever your custom and culture, the kids are excited, and you are trying to figure … Continue reading

Remembering December 6, 1989

December 6 is the day we remember the fourteen young women who were killed by Marc Lepine at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. After the news was broadcast, our phone began to ring. “Is Chelsea okay?” was the refrain we were … Continue reading

Teaching Kids Empathy

My most recent newsletter may be of interest to you. I know you will have material for articles and interviews about the holidays; about the excitement, about new toys and gimmicks. But many parents in my groups and workshops express … Continue reading

Helping Kids Learn about Giving, not just Receiving

Hi, Many parents in my groups and workshops express concern about the ‘gimmes’ that their kids seem to develop around this time of year. Christmas is, as they say, for children but should it be all about what they get. … Continue reading

Why does Facebook allow bullying at all?

In a recent article in the Vancouver Province,  Jeff Melland asks some extremely pertinent questions. No-one could say that Facebook supports bullying, in fact, as the article points out “The terms-of-service agreement users sign when they join up prohibits such … Continue reading

Curfews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi, We all worry when our kids are out, particularly at night. How can we set a curfew that works? Or, are curfews the answer? Curfews: the good, the bad and the ugly Midnight comes and goes. It’s now 12:15 … Continue reading