Kathy and her Grandchildren

An Experienced Expert Parenting Speaker

Kathy began offering quality parenting education services in 1978. Her career in parenting education began when her children were young and she sought out help for the day-to-day challenges of raising children. There was very little professional help available, so she trained as a parenting educator and began leading parenting classes.

She is the parenting expert. She now devotes much of her time as a professional speaker for conventions, workshops and seminars for school groups, parents and professionals in BC and across Canada.

Her materials are based on a framework called P.U.R.E Parenting.

P — is a parenting plan

U — is unconditional love

R — is respect for your child as he is right now

E — is encouragement

These make up the framework of any resources that will come from Parenting Today. These four pillars are the essential ingredients for raising healthy children who will develop into capable young men and women.

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