Conferences and seminars

When someone invests valuable time in today’s busy world to step in to a conference break-out room, they need it to be worth their while. When Kathy is the presenter people leave with valuable and pertinent information and skills they can put to use immediately. And they leave with smiles on their faces.

The framework for all of Parenting Today’s resources is called

P.U.R.E. Parenting.

P — is a parenting plan

U — is unconditional love

R — is respect for your child as he is right now

E — is encouragement

These make up the framework of any resources that will come from Parenting Today. These four pillars are the essential ingredients for raising healthy children who will develop into capable young men and women.

Kathy brings practical solutions, valuable strategies and down-to-earth information. She gets right to the heart of the issue. Whether the issue is child discipline, typical teen development, child self-esteem or teaching children to become capable, her presentations resonate with today’s parents. She is upbeat, knowledgeable, caring and a definite asset to any conference schedule.

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