But Nobody Told Me I’d Ever Have to Leave Home

From Toddlers to Teens: How Parents Can Raise Children to Become Capable Adults

From a baby’s first independent breath to the day they leave home, they are developing capacity to become capable adults. Your job is to help them develop the skills they need as they grow and develop. In this presentation you will learn:

When a child starts to become independent.

  • The connection between toddler play and becoming capable.
  • The importance of risk-taking in child development.
  • That kids need to be allowed to play outside and to walk to school.
  • The streets are safer than you think.
  • Why parents need to look after their children first.
  • What your children need to know before they leave home.

This presentation will be of interest to all parents. Whether your child is a baby or a teen, you have an important role to play in helping him grow up to be a capable adult.

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