Employees For Life

You’ve hired and trained the perfect new employee. Now, you cross your fingers and hope he stays forever. Hiring and training are expensive, time-consuming and disruptive.

Employee retention has many facets and one that is often under-rated is the value of valuing staff in all their roles. Today’s young adults were raised to negotiate. When they were toddlers at bedtime they got to choose whether to wear their blue pyjamas or red pyjamas. Older kids negotiated their allowance, when they’d do their chores and time of their curfew. Now they expect that their personal as well as professional needs will be part of a benefit package.

Programs such as flextime, part-time, job sharing and telecommuting are helpful.

But to really use those programs parents need to know how to raise children. Today’s parents are more isolated than ever before, they have less time than any previous generation and they want to look to experts to learn how to do the job of parenting.

In this presentation Kathy will demonstrate why young employees today are different from the past generations and how a progressive workplace wellness program will enhance employee loyalty.

A wise workplace knows that offering parents education and support is nothing but positive.

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