Workshop Titles for Educators

If parents would only listen …
Communicating with parents can be the most difficult task many teachers face. This workshop will discuss barriers to parent-teacher communication and the role personal values and biases play in the ability to hear and be heard. The workshop presents common roadblocks to communication being used both by parents and teachers.

If parents would only listen….If teachers would only listen
Communication between parents and teachers can make all the difference in a child’s educational experience. This workshop is designed for parents and teachers to work together to discover the roadblocks to positive communication.

The Children of Divorce
Children of Divorce have their own set of concerns and issues. This presentation is based on longitudinal studies of children from the separation to fifteen years later. Studying the reactions and attitudes of these children has given us valuable insights into how parents can help children handle this crisis in their young lives.

This presentation is of special interest to parents or professionals who work with children, including teachers, daycare workers, public health, and youth group leaders.

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