GREAT@HOME–GREAT@WORK© Not Just a Feel Good Program.

There is no question that GREAT@HOME–GREAT@WORK offers services which the employees appreciate, utilize and thank their company, firm or union for offering. It is the right thing to do for families and it feels good.

But, it also offers measurable savings for the workplace wellness program. Instituting GREAT@HOME–GREAT@WORK will reduce your EFAP costs.

Download the Great@Home-Great@Work brochure [PDF] here for full details.

Employee and Family Assistance programs are a real boon to any workplace. They offer counseling when it is needed and can help an employee struggling with issues of addiction, depression, anxiety or parenting issues to name a few. And everyone benefits when professional help is offered when needed.

However, in many cases prevention is the answer and GREAT@HOME–GREAT@WORK is a major player in preventing a need for EFAP counseling. Parents who are struggling with work-life issues, with out of control teens, with a chaotic home life are more likely to turn to alcohol or drugs, to become anxious or experience spousal conflict over the parenting decisions. This can easily lead to the need for counseling.

Workplaces offering support, guidance and information for parents dealing with the challenging issues of raising children will get the ongoing help they need when they need it, which can help them avoid the more serious consequences leading to the need for counseling.

GREAT@HOME–GREAT@WORK is a program which will reduce absenteeism, increase staff loyalty and enhance staff retention and recruitment.

Take a look. Download the PDF brochure today. You’ll see the benefit.

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