“Stop it You Two!” ©

The kids are at it again. Why is it that siblings spend so much of their time squabbling?

If your kids quarrel, does it mean they hate each other?

Why can’t they get along?

This presentation will tackle this nagging question asked by parents as they watch their children quarreling and bickering. Itis appropriate for parents of children of all ages.

Arguing with brothers and sisters has been around forever but it still drives all parents nuts. We want them to enjoy each other. We want peace in the family.

In order to achieve some harmony between your children you need to take a look at the dynamics of their fights and develop a plan.

It’s tempting to just walk away and see what happens but it’s more effective to know what’s going on and have some strategies for dealing with the problem.

In this workshop you will learn:

why children fight and what you can do about it

how to handle physical fighting

what to answer when the kids say, “it’s not fair”.

The workshop is interactive and fun. Bring your questions and Kathy will provide usable answers.

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